We Love These!

By Jenna McCarthy

A virtual learning library
A new program available on CD-ROM or through paid access on the Internet makes getting your child ready for kindergarten and beyond more convenient than ever.

The award-winning True Learning series features 3,000 printable worksheets designed to stimulate your toddler’s rapidly developing brain.

Suitable for children from age 3 to 6, it’s packed with fun and engaging activities in a variety of subjects from math to motor skills, each with four progressive levels of advancement.

To accomplish the suggested window of 15 minutes of learning a day, just pop in a disk (or log onto the web site) and print a few sheets, then watch in amazement as your toddler explores and masters spatial relationships, spelling, math and more. $19.99 for the CD-ROM; online access, choose the $9.99 annual rate or $1.99/month; true-learning.com.