Where To Find Grocery Coupons

A loyal reader named Eve turned me onto two coupon sites that she says have saved her bundles. One is called CouponsandForms.com. The site does not sell coupons - but charges a handling fee for each coupon you order. You must order $5 worth of coupons per order. Eve says she may pay $.08 for a $1 off coupon, which puts her ahead. Read more about how the site works.

TheCouponMaster also charges a small handling fee for coupons. When I visited the site I saw coupons for $.08 to $.50. The company also offers a $10 online class about maximizing coupon clipping. When you finish you get a $5 credit towards coupons on the site!

Both sites are very similar, but Coupon Master was easier on the eyes and was easier to navigate.

I’m curious to try buying coupons as I get out of the habit of clipping coupons. I’ll do it obsessively for a month and then slack off. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone. I’m much better at tracking prices and buying my favorite items on super sale, like I did today during Albertsons 8-hour sale (deodorant sticks $1 each, 1lb boxes of pasta $1 each, Corn Flakes for $1.50 a box and chocolate chips for $1.50 a bag). I saved more than 100% of my bill because of mark downs! But I only had two coupons, which seems woefully inadequate.

Has anyone else used this type of service? Is it worth it to pay for coupons?

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