15 Thanksgiving Tips

From our friends at Momversation.com

Thursday is Thanksgiving, and if you’re the one serving the bird, you’re probably feeling a wee bit of stress.  To what temperature do I cook the turkey?  Can I eat stuffing that’s been cooked in poultry?  What do I do with leftovers?  Not to fear!  Our Momversation tips will help you have a worry-free Thanksgiving.  Here are ways to make sure your Thanksgiving is as smooth as your mashed potatoes.   Well, maybe not your mashed potatoes.

Defend against food poisoning

Nothing ruins Thanksgiving dinner faster than your grandmother blowing chunks across the table.  So make sure you follow some simple safety rules this T-Day.

1.  Thawing a turkey:  Don’t thaw your big bird at room temperature; that just breed bacteria.  Instead, thaw it in the fridge in the original wrapper in a pan (generally 1 day for every 5 pounds), or thaw it in cold water, changing the water every 30 minutes.