15 True Mom Confessions

MOM CONFESSION:I’m sick of the fact that every conversation I have with my friend is really a competition to see who has the smarter kid.

MOM CONFESSION:To get alone time in my house, I tell my husband I have to poop, when I really don’t. I shut and lock the door, and play a few rounds of hand- held Yahtzee.

MOM CONFESSION:My “me time” is this: strap the kids in their car seats, drive through Starbucks, drive around town while the kids sleep, look at big magnificent houses and dream of the day I might live in one. Sigh.

MOM CONFESSION:My son is six months old and I still don’t trust my husband with him alone for more than an hour.

MOM CONFESSION:I sometimes fantasize about getting divorced just so I could have every other weekend off.

MOM CONFESSION:The real reason we can’t go to play at your friend’s house is because the mommies don’t play well together.

MOM CONFESSION:I hate my mother- in- law. I pretend that I’ve forgiven her for the horrible things she’s said and done, but deep down I know I’ll never really forgive her.

MOM CONFESSION:Whenever my husband is really late coming home, I wonder if he’s been in an accident and then I think about all the things I could do with his life insurance money. That’s usually when I hear his key in the door and I feel both guilty and slightly disappointed at the same time.

MOM CONFESSION:My DH and I had an eighteen- month- old and decided that we would try for number two. Much to our surprise, we got pregnant right away. At eight weeks, I had a miscarriage. I was grateful. At the time I was not ready to start on the road to motherhood again. Now, we have a four- year- old and a one- year- old. The two are a perfect pair and I feel that the loss was meant to be. I have never told a soul that I was glad to have miscarried.

MOM CONFESSION:I wish my son were as smart as other kids.


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