20 Things I Did Before I Had Children (Without Giving Them a Second Thought)

By Jenna McCarthy

1. Swear like a sailor

2. Look longingly at babies

3. Listen to music by relative adults who don’t wear pigtails (except Gwen Stefani, who somehow can get away with it) and swear like sailors

4. Go to the bathroom alone (oh, the luxury of it!)

5. Wear dry-clean-only pants

6. Make my bed

7. Not eat soggy, dinosaur-shaped, processed chicken scraps

8. Stay up past midnight (to have fun, not wipe a tiny, sweaty brow or chase monsters out of the closet)

9. Have sex in the morning

10. Have sex, period

11. Talk on the phone for five uninterrupted minutes

12. Judge other mothers

13. Read books without pictures

14. Have nice-looking nails

15. Go on spontaneous road-trips

16. Have all the answers

17. Spend less than four hours a day in the kitchen

18. Sleep

19. Think I wanted six kids (seriously)

20. Laugh a whole lot less

What’s your “used to do?” Come on, you know you’ve got a few.Leave your answers in the comments below.