5 Secrets From Moms Who’ve Been There

Ever wonder what they aren’t telling you about what life will be like once your baby arrives? If so, you’ll want to see what our Facebook fans had to say when we asked them to share their best advice for moms-to-be. Get ready to take notes! 

  • “Put a baby nail clippers in your hospital bag. The nurses will not have them and your kid will shred their beautiful face with the claws he's born with!” – Emily S.
  • “Be clear about how you want to be, talk about it with your partner, midwife, team, but don't be attached to it going that way and don't beat yourself up if it doesn't. The ends is more important than the means and you are no less of a mother or person if you need interventions you didn't plan on having.” – The Night Before My Birthday Book page
  • “Let go of perfection, let go of some control. Surrender to your baby and your experiences. Don't compare yourself to other mothers.” – Nacia W.
  • “U can do it! Don't stress about what the best mom would do. Just do what u truly believe is the right thing.” – Mariah W.
  • “Use technology at your advantage. Like this!” – Alison G.

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