Casey Anthony Video Diary Surfaces

Casey Anthony, who was acquitted in July of killing her daughter Caylee, has released a video diary that the 25-year-old says is the “first of many.”

“This is the first of many, and I’m looking forward to this,” Casey Anthony says. “It’s a little scary, because I hate being on camera. But I need to conquer that fear at some point, and this is a good start.”

While her location is unknown, sources have confirmed that it is in fact the real Casey Anthony.

On the video, Casey Anthony, who is on probation, talks about her life and how happy she is to finally have something she can call her “own.”

“It’s just a little surreal how much things have changed since July, and how many things haven’t changed,” she says. “But the good thing is that things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way. I just hope that things stay good and that they only get better.”