Celeb Baby Bump: Kelley Limp

By Kerri Geringswald

Scott Wolf and his wife of four years, Kelley Limp, 32, will soon be a party of three with the addition of a baby boy, due this Spring.

Wolf, 40, best known for his role as the doe-eyed Bailey on Party of Five, talked about his expectant wife via a phone interview on the Billy Bush Show. Says Wolf: “She’s a rock star. She’s making it look incredible. She’s having all the normal stuff…feeling exhausted a lot of the time, but she’s just more beautiful than ever and it’s an amazing, amazing thing.”

This will be the first child for Scott and Kelley, who was a cast member of The Real World: New Orleans.  Wolf, recently starred in CSI: NY, said the best thing about the pregnancy so far was being able to tell his dad. “My dad does not have a male grandchild at this point. So to be able to call my pop and tell him I’m carrying on the name was a nice thing to be able to do.”