Facebook Etiquette for New Parents

2. Keep the bathroom in the bathroom
What is it about parents and poop? Notes B, “I have probably read—and seen —a description of every single type of bathroom behavior you can think of. Diaper explosions, pooping in the bathtub, potty training accidents at the store, finger painting with poop on the wall, constipation…I’ve actually got individual folders for all those with multiple submissions in each one.”

And it’s not always in good fun either. Perri notes that there is a darker side to posting seemingly innocent pictures of your kid in the bathtub or sans their diaper. “We all have that picture of us in the bathtub as a baby. There’s nothing wrong with it but even with the best privacy settings there’s a chance that your innocent photo can up in front of some unsavory characters.”

“Generally speaking, any time an individual uploads a video, photo or any other piece of content to a social networking site or blog there is a chance that you are releasing ownership and agreeing to have your content released to the public.”