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Posted by JulieChats-Resident Mom

I thought I’d never be one of those parents who love it when Monday rolls around & they can send their kids off to school. But I have to say, that today, I’m loving it! Just got Jake down for a nap & Delaney is back to school after being sick for 3 days last week. We were all sick around here, so that was just a joy….you know the feeling! It’s so nice to have a quiet house with no one throwing up or calling for “MOMMY!” I can’t wait for Spring weather to arrive. This is the last week before Spring Break here in Oregon and we’re hoping for some sunny & warm weather soon. I’ve got to get to cleaning my house.

I think the Spring cleaning bug bit me yesterday….I went out on a limb and dusted all the blinds in my family room. I don’t do this often and you could really tell. Don’t ask me why I thought the thick, dark wood blinds would be so great! Even after I dust them, they still look dirty. Oh well, at least I know what they looked like before and this is a great improvement! What’s that I hear? Oh, it’s the rest of my dark colored furniture calling from downstairs….“Help us! We’re dusty too!” Better head down & take care of them, before Jake wakes up & wants to “help”!

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