Got the Winter Blues?

Article courtesy of our friends at bloomacious

January is almost always the gloomiest month of the year - and lately it seems particularly challenging for many of us to get our spirits onto an even keel. 

I think as we get further into the year, the general heaviness that seems to sitting on all of us will start to lift and brighter days will dawn.  But till then, chocolate, sugar, shopping, and all sorts of other things I personally love to do for an instant lift are off limits.  So, here are some suggestions for things that will instantly, or really swiftly, give us a boost of joy!

1) Think positive about someone you really don’t care for. For example,  that annoying co-worker or really mean checker at the grocery store - think of a thing or two that is really nice about them.  You’ll be amazed at how leading your mind away from negativity will give you instant serenity.

2) When you hear bad news, try to think of what positive things might come out of it.  The economy situation, for example, has a lot of silver linings—many more than most people seem to realize.  So many times it seems like the worst things that happen to people, often over time turn into the best things.  I can remember being really upset over being fired from a job I really liked years ago - thinking the world was ending for me and certain I would end up in a housing project.  Full of fear and feeling utterly demoralized.  But I picked myself up, started my own business and have made a great income, met celebrities, and had a good career ever since - and that was 13 years ago!  It turned out, being fired was a turning point that tipped my life from a dead-end future to something of my own that I never would have found without being pushed by fate into it.

3) Stand up straight!  If you already have a good posture, stand up straighter!! It’ll immediately lift your spirits and stoke that inner power core that boosts self confidence and makes you feel invincible.  Follow these tips from Dr. Natalie Cordova.

4) Give your house or apartment an instant lift by washing the windows (this alone will make the place look spiffier and brighter) and mopping / vacuuming the floors - then placing a simple flower arrangement at your bedside.  I know you probably don’t think housework can usurp a chocolate chip cookie in the instant gratification department, but try it, you might be surprised.  You’ll feel a little bit spoiled when you wake up in the morning and turn in at night.