Got the Winter Blues?

5) Give your wardrobe a lift by changing the buttons on some of your older shirts and jackets.  Get playful with your choices by choosing bright colors and unusual themes to really make your pieces look unique (ahhhh, the term couture has a new home).  Read more about where to buy and how to sew them here.  Then edit your closet and see what could go to The Salvation Army, because they really do need that pair of pants that you bought on sale 3 years ago but never wore, and you don’t.

6) Change your haircolor! Yes, it’s often said when a woman wants to change her life she changes her hair, and this just might be the time for me.  If you want just a little boost go just a couple shades lighter or darker than your current color.  Not ready for a huge plunge into home hair color?  Try a clear glaze that’ll add major shine and body for about $5, or a non-permanent color such as Clairol Natural Instincts.

7) Do something nice for someone even if you don’t know them.  Buy some flowers for a neighbor you haven’t seen in awhile, a latte for a friend at work, take your old magazines to a hospital or retirement home.  Let someone ahead of you in line for the train.  There is almost no feeling like doing something kind for someone else.  And it’s a reward that will come back to you time and again.

8) Record a video at Harajuku Lovers Fragrance website.

9) Jump up and down!! Dare you to take your shoes off, go outside and leap up in the air.  You will be all giggly and goofy in minutes.  Or, if you don’t believe me, take a gander at our gallery of celebrities who are literally in the air.  I would say Jack Black is the master of leaping after looking these over!

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