Having Two Kids Under 2

two kids under 2By Tesa of 2Wired2Tired

“Wow!” “Congrats!” “We are so happy for you!” These are statements my husband and I heard over and over again when we told people we were pregnant with our daughter. Later, when announcing our pregnancy with our son, the reaction couldn’t have been more different. Most people thought we were joking. Some said, “Really?” and “No way.” Others even said, “You know how that happens right?” and “Was it an accident?”

Our friends and relatives responded so differently because our daughter was our first, and the pregnancy with our son was confirmed when she was only 6 months old. Friends and relatives were even more shocked to find out we planned it that way.


How we got two kids under 2

We wanted to have children close in age for a number of reasons. We thought it would be wonderful to have siblings that grew up enjoying the same things and sharing a bond. We felt the years spent changing diapers and staying home would be far fewer, than if the children were spaced further apart. Also, we waited until almost our 30’s to have kids. We’d been responsible and held off as everyone had instructed us to do, but then I started reading more and more about the difficulties of getting pregnant after 30. I was getting nervous and felt we were racing the clock. So, my husband and I were thrilled when the second pregnancy test read positive right around our daughter’s 6-month birthday.

Then it all set-in. There were many things I hadn’t counted on struggling with two pregnancies close together.