Kiss Winter Skin Goodbye!

7) Exfoliate, but don’t torment your skin.  When skin is irritated from dry winds, and/or too much indoor heat, it’s not the best time to heap on more insults in the form of intense acids and peels.  A nourishing scrub made from nice things like sugar, coffee and hazelnut oil will be a welcome treat, rather than torture test.  Make them in your kitchen from the day’s coffee grounds and a teaspoon or two from the sugar bowl.  For face, turn to a gentle scrub made by sprinkling a teaspoon of sugar over a tablespoon of plain yogurt, and follow with a nice soothing and regenerating treatment like Osmotics Cream Extreme Barrier Repair ($75).

8) Supplement from the inside with Flax Seed Oil.  I’ve been hooked on this stuff for years.  I use it instead of butter on veggies, and salads.  Loaded with essential fatty acids, it accelerates healing and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.  If you’re not feeling the flavor, it comes in convenient pills.  If you’re still not loving it, experiment with other great oils such as hazelnut, walnut, and avocado oils.  Available at Whole Foods and health food stores.

9) Moisturize lips with non addictive lip balms such as Pharmacopia’s Herbal Lip Elixir $8.  For a little color try Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer $5

10) Cover your face!  Some of the most delicate skin on your body should not be pointed at a freezing 40 mile an hour wind without protection.  We love our creams but they can only go so far.  This one takes a bit of planning in order to avoid looking like you’re pulling a heist at your local bank branch.  A cowl / neck warmer that can be pulled up over the face without having to maneuver a lot of yardage is a great choice.  We love CrazyJaneKnits $25(shown in photo).

11) Lighten up on the dieting a little.  There’s a reason little ducks get through Winter sitting out on a frozen pond.  They have a helpful layer of fat to work as a buffer against the elements.  We’re not saying dive into the dessert bar at the next party, or even the cheese plate, but you may want to make sure you have a good amount of healthy fats in your diet in the way of salmon, eggs, nuts, oils.  These will help protect your entire body from the elements and help lubricate skin.  Also, now more than ever, focus on skin loving foods that boost skin health, such as leafy greens, and our favorite, Sweet Potatoes.

12) Exercise inside.  Get your blood and all those nutrients flowing to your skin with a quick and healthy yoga routine or 30 minutes on a treadmill.  Working out indoors is less stressful than braving the cold winds.  Keeping the cells of your skin open in the warm and moist indoors so they can excrete toxins will keep it lubricated and cleansed.  Not that we have anything against skiing, but racing down a hill at 60 miles per hour is not skin friendly no matter how much cream you slather on.

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