Mom Review: Medela Easy Expression

Product: Medela Easy Expression™ Bustier
Price: $33.99
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-Gives you the freedom to do other things while pumping.

-Easy to wear, use and wash.

-Cotton/Spandex blend is comfortable on its own or over a nursing bra or camisole.

-Machine wash, tumble dry.

-Available in white or black.


Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ Sherrie

Resident Mom™ Says: I’d been pumping for about four months when I received the Medela Easy Expressions Bustier.  I had never planned on acquiring a bustier - thought it was just another unnecessary accessory.  But using the bustier has allowed me to reclaim the 30-45 minutes a day that pumping takes. Yes, you REALLY CAN work and pump at the same time.

The bustier is a very straight-forward item. Put it on, get the shields situated, zip up, and then attach the bottles.  It takes just an extra minute of prep time, but has freed both my hands to continue working at my desk and responding to emails while I pump.

I was concerned whether the bustier would “hold up” the bottles as they got full.  Surprisingly, this was a non-issue.  The bustier was comfortable to wear and easily supported the weight of glass bottles filled with milk.

Ladies - you may not “need” the bustier, but I won’t pump without it now.

Pros: 1. Hands-free pumping.  2. Hands-free pumping   3. Hands-free pumping!
Cons:  The holes for the shields; they are placed a bit too wide for my body, but I’m still able to make it work.

Resident Mom™ Rating: A


Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ Kara

Resident Mom™ Says: I really like how this product frees up my hands and is comfortable as well. Though the sizing was a tad big when I followed the sizing instructions. This only thing I would change is I would love to see removable adjustable straps on it because it is somewhat difficult to put it on while also trying to line up my pump to my breasts. Overall I would definitely recommend this product to anyone frustrated with having their hands tied up by holding on to the pumps while pumping. Though I would try pumping without it first to make sure this is something that would be of worth to you.

Pros: Obviously being hands free!, Breathable, comfortable, washable.
Cons: No straps to help with putting it on!, A little pricey for what it is I think. I like it as a gift but probably wouldn’t buy it for myself.

Resident Mom™ Rating: B

Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ Claudia

Resident Mom™ Says: The Medela Easy Expression bustier was OK for me. I felt when I used the bustier I needed more support to hold up my pump. It seemed to be tilting and did not correctly support my nipple to properly pump. I tried washing dishes but was worried of getting water on my pump. Overall I would rate the bustier a 5 out of a 10. I’m not completely satisified since it required me holding my pump with my hands to properly use my pump. I would also recommend that it come with a belt so you could use it while cleaning or cooking. That way the pump unit could be carried in the belt and it truly make it hands free.

Pros: 70% hands free. I had to prop my bottle that’s connected to pump on counter while washing dishes to have some support
Cons: I felt I had to hold my pump to properly support me

Resident Mom™ Rating: C

Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ Sasha

Resident Mom™ Says: I love the Medela Bustier! I have a 3 month old son and have been using the Medela Freestyle to pump here and there for about 9 weeks. I recently began using the hands free bustier and it truly makes pumping a nicer experience. Before the bustier, I would have to sit still while pumping, which was both a nice excuse to relax and frustrating because as we all know, there are always a million things to do. Also, I would usually only pump one side at a time, despite having a double pump, because I found it too tricky to hold both pumps and navigate the buttons. I did try the hands-free set up that comes with the freestyle, but it was a little precarious and required the use of a nursing bra. As I am still at home with the baby, I live in sleep and wrap bras and found the idea of putting on a nursing bra just to pump, quite a turn-off.

The bustier allows me freedom. Not only can I comfortably pump both breasts at once, but I can do so hands-free and while taking care of the baby and things around the house. I have to admit, the more I used it the more comfortable I became with moving around the house. At one point, I began pumping after every feeding (due to concerns about supply), which would have been much more difficult without the bustier. I was able to change my son’s diaper, give him a bottle and do various other household chores, all while pumping. I quickly learned not to do anything that involved too much bending. I became overly comfortable at one point, bent to pick up some toys and began to spill milk on the floor.

My only slight concern with the bustier is the fit. Because each size fits such a broad range of bra sizes, mine was a bit tight in the elastic and loose on top. I think it would be great if they provided an option for thick comfy straps to provide extra support. This way the elastic band isn’t doing all of the work. I often found myself readjusting and doing the tube top shuffle to ensure everything remained in the correct place.

All in all, I enjoy the bustier. It allows me to accomplish more and use both of my hands while I pump.

Pros: Great hands free pumping; mostly comfortable to wear for 10-15 minutes; quick/easy to use
Cons: Elastic can become a bit uncomfortable if worn directly on the skin for too long; sags a bit and needs to be pulled up

Resident Mom™ Rating: B+

Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ April

Resident Mom™ Says:  I have been exclusively breastfeeding & pumping breastmilk since my little one arrived, 7 ½ months ago.  It has been a regular part of my daily schedule and it is definitely the most rewarding things I’ve accomplished.  I learned of hands free pumping wear when I had been pumping for a couple weeks.  It has truly made my life that much easier when I can multitask, eat, read, or perform other daily activities at the same time as providing my baby with breastmilk.  I use a hands free pumping bra for all of my pumping sessions, including at home & at work.  I have the medela and another brand for comparison.  I’ll say both do have pros and cons. 

Pros: White, easy to close with front zipper
Cons: Shrunk after first use, nonadjustable in size, front holes became distorted with size difference which lead to more hand manipulation to have successful pumping session,& front holes were one size fits all.

Resident Mom™ Rating: C

Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ Amanda

Resident Mom™ Says:
The Medela Easy Expression Bustier is a must-have in my book.  I am a breastfeeding mom who works full time.  Like many, I was nervous about returning to work after my maternity leave.  But being able to provide breastmilk for my little one while I was away at work helped me mentally with the transition and assisted in bonding during alternate care.  The bustier made the commitment to continue to provide pumped milk so much easier!  Before it, I had tried other methods for hand-free pumping.  None of them worked for me.  I was never truly hands-free until I got the bustier.  Before, I was spending time away from work tasks pumping.  With the bustier, I can shut my office door, put on my bustier, and pump away while I type, review files, etc.  Without this product (which I have even been able to use while driving), I would not have been able to continue to pump as often as I should and inevitably my milk supply would have decreased with my return to work.  But instead, I was able to pump as needed and not lose time at work doing so.  
Regarding the features…it is incredibly easy to use and very comfortable.  The zip-up front allows me to just drop the cups on my nursing bra and put the bustier on under my raised or opened shirt. I do not have to get partially undressed to pump.  The fit holds the cups close and allows for good suction (unlike other methods that can result loose suction and spilling).  The openings are just large enough that I can slip the flanges in from the front but not so large as to cause the flanges not to be held securely in place.  The material is soft and is tight enough to serve its purpose without being uncomfortably constricting.  It washes well and has maintained its shape and stretch.  
So, are there any cons?  For me, there is not.  But that is because I have the perfect fit.  However, I could see where for some, especially if they are in between sizes or have a rapidly changing post-partum body, that it might be preferable to have a more adjustable product (others have hook and eye attaching panels that allow you to bring the size in or let it out).  But I think comfort is sacrificed for adjustability.  I am one of those people that is between sizes…I ordered up and the bustier fits wonderfully (so I would suggest that if you’re a little iffy on size, that you might get the larger of the two).
Pros: Ease of use; portability
Cons: Not adjustable

Resident Mom™ Rating: A    

Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ Amy

Resident Mom™ Says:
I had a product very similar to this with my previous children but had given it to a friend so I was excited about being able to try this product with my new baby.  It is handy to have a hands-free setup so I can eat and read a book as I’m pumping.  This product is easy to put on and it is easy to see/adjust the breastpump shields in the hole openings since they are just round cut-outs.  

I was, however, disappointed in the product because it doesn’t hold the shields very securely and the bottles, especially when they are full, pull down on the fabric and my breasts. I ended up having to prop the bottles up on my legs or a table to stop them from feeling like they were falling. I found that if you put the bra on upside-down with the elastic band on top it seemed to fit better and hold the shields a little more securely, but not enough where I would be comfortable not holding or propping up the bottles. Plus, this product is not at all adjustable so if you loose weight or if your nipples aren’t centered in the pre-cut opening the only way to adjust it is by making an alteration.  

This product also doesn’t work well with non-standard size breast shields as the hole is too big for the smaller shields and the hole is too small for larger shields.  Overall this product is better than having no hands-free system, but I would recommend other products over this one.
Pros: It’s easy to put on and freed up my hands for short periods of time
Cons: Not adjustable. Does not hold breast-shields/bottles securely

Resident Mom™ Rating: C   

Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ Anne

Resident Mom™ Says:
I am a mom of a 2-month-old boy and 18-month boy. I was excited to be chosen to review the Medela Easy Expression Pumping Bustier especially since being a mother of two I feel like I never have enough free hands, which is why I really liked the Medela Easy Expression Pumping Bustier. Using the Medela Easy Expression Pumping Bustier I was able to pump and still have my hands free to tend to my 18-month old son at the same time. The Bustier held the pump suctions in place quite well. If you were looking for a great pumping bra, I would definitely recommend the Medela Easy Expression Pumping Bustier.
Pros: Very comfortable cotton material; front zipper it is extremely easy to put on and use.
Cons: Doesn’t allow for my 2-month old son to nurse on one side while I pump on the other—the hole was not large enough for him to get a proper latch.

Resident Mom™ Rating: I give this product a B only because I would have like to nurse one side while pumping the other at the same time, otherwise it would have gotten an A.

Reviewed by: Resident Mom™ Kristen

Resident Mom™ Says:
I really like the concept of a hands-free breast pump, and when I was given the chance to review something that could help me do that, I was on board! Not only does the Medela Easy Expression Bustier give me time to pump while my child is sleeping, but I can get other important things done, too! Taking care of a 4- month-old and working on a product review blog at the same time isn’t easy, but the Medela Easy Expression Bustier made it very easy for me to multi-task. It was very easy to use, but sometimes I had to hold the pump up against my breast because the suction just wasn’t there.  I had received the small bustier, and didn’t think I needed an extra small, but that may have been the problem. 

Pros: Easy to use; hands-free; good for busy or working moms
Cons: Occasionally had to hold pump because of suction issues

Resident Mom™ Rating: B