Mom Talk: 10 Resolutions I Know I Can Keep

By Jenny Isenman

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This time of year I amuse myself by looking back at last year’s resolutions.  Ones I made with the best intentions, like learning an instrument or a foreign language.  Last Chanukah I had my husband buy me a guitar.  I had all the confidence in the world that by this new year, I would balk at a request to play Stairway To Heaven, saying something dismissive like… “Please, that’s so cliché, but why not?” or “Por favor, es muy cliché, pero porque no?  Unfortunately, my guitar collects dust while my Spanish collects rust.

So for this year, I have made some resolutions that are a bit more achievable:

1.  Nag More

For 10 years my husband has not picked up a wet towel, washed ketchup off of a dish, changed a light bulb, or remembered trash day without a friendly, “How many times do I have to tell you?”  I vow to be relentless in my nagging.  I will lay immediate blame using words like always and never.  As in, “I always, and you never.” I will play the martyr by saying, “Forget it.  I’ll do it myself.”  I will amp up the guilt with, “I do everything around here.” Or something unarguable like, “It’s obvious by your refusal to change a light bulb that you don’t love me anymore.”  If all goes well, I’ll be nagging him to go to couples therapy by 2012.

2.  Gain weight

I will add carbs to my diet with reckless abandon.  I will start each meal with a generous helping of bread and rolls onto which I will spread an obnoxious amount of butter. I will stuff food into my mouth with such fervor it will make other eaters uncomfortable to watch.  I vow to eat everything a la mode including ice cream. 

3.  Work out less

This will actually take serious effort.  The only thing harder would be to shower less.  If I need the proverbial cup of sugar, I will drive to my neighbor’s garage and beep until she comes out and hands it to me. I will take elevators in two-stor y buildings.  Lastly, I will drop my membership to the gym and use the money I save to buy more carbs.

4.  Forget an old language

This year, not only am I not going to learn a new language, I will let my brain atrophy to forget the one I already know.  I will watch endless episodes of Sponge Bob and Chowder. I will stop doing crosswords and speaking in complete sentences.  I will break all grammatical rules; I will misplace modifiers, dangle participles, and end sentences in prepositions.  I will express my thoughts through that African clicking language, modern dance, and a set of bongos that I will wear around my neck.

5.  Stay out of touch

This time of year, I am reminded of the many friends I have let time and space interfere with.  I intend to further that distance.  I will start by rejecting any new Facebook or social network requests.  I will also attach a note that reads “I never liked you in the first place.”  I will cuss out and hang up on people who call in hopes of fulfilling their own resolution to rekindle old friendships.