"My Mother-in-Law Is Driving Me Crazy!"

Q.I am married with a 6-month-old, and my mother-n-law is constantly telling me I’m doing something wrong (I buy the wrong diapers, I have him on a bad sleep schedule, etc.). I feel bad because I love my husband, and don’t want to upset him, but I might explode soon. Any advice for how I can make her stop annoying me?!-Lesley

A. I think you need to first discuss this with your husband and ask his opinion. See what he thinks and then establish some ground rules for yourself. What are you willing to accept from her in terms of advice? Then, ask your mother-in-law if she’ll grab a coffee with you. Tell her exactly how you feel…which is what you related to me in your question.

Let her know that you are doing your best, and that being a new mom, as she knows, is stressful and that you appreciate any advice you can get, but that criticism just makes you feel worse. Tell her you would certainly welcome her ideas, but most of all you would welcome her support. I have to believe that if you open your heart, she will do the same. If she does not , report back and we will go to Plan B.

Good Luck!

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