Newborn Advice for Dads

Jenna McCarthy is one of our favorite writers, and we recently revisited her 2010 book, Cheers to the New Dad!: Tips and Tricks to Help You Ace the First Months of Parenthood. Here’s some of the best excerpts that aren’t just hilarious—they also offer some real solid newborn advice for dads.

New dad tip #1: Ten questions not to ask your wife right now

1. How’d you sleep last night?
2. Why won’t she stop crying?
3. What’s for dinner?
4. Are you sure he’s getting enough to eat?
5. Did you want my mom to stay for one month or two?
6. When do you think you’ll lose that weight?
7. Okay if I go out with the guys again tonight?
8. Did you wear those pajamas all day?
9. You feeling frisky?
10. What were we thinking?