Shooting On Virginia Tech Campus Puts Daycare on Lockdown

Memories of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting in which 33 people were killed were brought to the surface again after a shooting on the college campus Thursday afternoon.

Two people were shot and killed, including one police officer. As of Thursday evening authorities would not say whether or not the second person confirmed dead was in fact the shooter, but authorities indicated they are no longer looking for the suspect. A gun was found near the body of the second slain person, and police reported that they did not shoot him, leading the media to believe the suspected shooter might have taken his own life.

The police officer killed was on duty at a traffic stop when the gunman shot him at close range. The shooter then fled the scene, which led to a campus-wide lockdown. College classes at Virginia Tech were not in session in order to give students a day off to prepare for finals, but various campus organizations and teachers were affected, including a campus daycare center.

Erika Meitner, an assistant professor of English at Virginia Tech, said her 4-year-old son was among 45 children on lockdown at a campus daycare center. After anxiously waiting several hours, her husband was able to pick up their son when the lockdown was lifted. Meitner said that even though the shooting took place not very far from the daycare center, the children were not aware of the situation because it was during their naptime.

“It’s closer than you want your child to be to this,” she said.