Simple Holiday Crafts for Tots

Cellophane Candles for Hanukkah
You can make eight of these candles, one for each day of Hanukkah, to hang in a window or door.
From Family Fun


-Black paper, cut into 4-by-6-inch rectangles
-Craft knife
-Colored cellophane or tissue paper
-Cheese grater
-Old crayons (yellow, orange and red)
-Waxed paper
-Old newspapers
-Clothes iron
-String or yarn


Help your kids use the craft knife to cut out a candle shape from two black construction paper pieces placed back-to-back. Cut out the candle stem and flame separately. Have the children pick a color of cellophane or tissue paper, and cut a rectangle slightly larger than the candle-stem shape. They then can tape the colored paper to one piece of black paper so it covers the cutout shape.

To make the flame, let the kids carefully grate shavings from yellow, red and orange crayons. Then they can cut two identical squares of waxed paper (at least 4 inches square). On a worktable covered with old newspapers, place one of the waxed-paper squares.

Have the kids spread the crayon shavings across one piece of waxed paper, then have them place the other square on top. Now they can cover their crayon sandwich with more newspaper. Help the kids use the iron to press lightly on the newspaper (use the dry setting).

Let your waxed-paper creation cool, then cut out a piece slightly larger than the candle-flame shape, and tape or glue it onto the black paper so that it shines through. To finish, glue the second sheet of black paper to the back of the first. Punch a hole in the top, thread with string or yarn, and hang.

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