Star Games

By Alexa Joy Sherman

You don’t have to be an astronomer or have any fancy equipment to appreciate the beauty of the night sky. And what could be more fun than heading out after dark on a stargazing adventure with your little one? Doing so can be as easy as waiting for the sun to set and then finding a quiet spot away from the city lights. Before you go, visit, where you can print star maps that will help you identify the visible constellations for the current month (click on “projects” and then “star finder”).

If you want to bring the stellar experience home with you, check out Uncle Milton Moon in My Room, an authentic-looking remote-controlled moon on the wall. Set it on one phase of the moon, or let it cycle through all 12 main phases and enjoy a 15-minute audio tour.

Similarly, Nightscapes is a star projector kit that transforms the ceiling into a realistic replica of the night sky. The set includes an educational booklet with fun facts and legends about the constellations, plus a star chart.