Staying Connected to Friends Without Kids

friends without kids

By Nicole Pelletiere

You probably didn’t need any convincing to believe that your relationships would change after giving birth. But like the importance of keeping your marriage after baby strong, you’ll also have to work harder to stay in touch with your pals—especially those friends without kids.

“Time constraints can make you feel distant from your friends without kids,” says Suzana Flores, PsyD, a Chicago-based psychologist. “You’re busy with the baby and she’s caught up at work. And in the process, you’re both guilty of making assumptions about how the other one feels.”

In other words, while you might think that your friends without kids have just lost interest in spending time with you, they likely think you’re too busy to stay in touch now that you’re a new mom. Click through to find out how to keep the lines of communication open and stay close to your friends without kids.