Tips For New Moms (From a Writer Who Knows)

New mom tip #3: A room of one’s own

When you’re ready to transition your baby from your bed or the bassinet into her own crib, a few simple tricks can make the move a lot easier:

If she’s been snoozing in your room, you might consider placing her crib in there, too, until she gets used to it. (Then when you move the entire crib to her room, she’s a lot less likely to protest because it’s already a familiar space-sort of.)

Introduce her to her crib during the day-not at night, when she expects you to be within arm’s reach. Spend some time tickling her belly, smiling at her, or playing peekaboo in there, establishing it as a happy place.

Many a babe has been enthralled by the sight of a strategically placed mobile over the crib-and many a mom has snuck from the nursery unnoticed as a result. (If she’s a big fan of the one over the changing table, use that one or a duplicate for familiarity.)

Place your own unwashed pillowcase, nightgown, or yes, even a nursing pad or bra in her crib. (If she’s mobile, tie it to the crib bars rather than placing anything in the crib itself.) Babies have powerful little noses, and this might trick her into thinking that you’re closer than you actually are.