V-Day: Special, Or Just Hype?

From our friends at Momversation.com

Valentine’s Day is a holiday fraught with meaning.  Sure, you’ve been married for 10 years, and V-Day seems like an unnecessary expense, especially in this economy.  But, but, but!  Pink tulips and a sweet Vermont teddy bear?  How could you not melt?  And when your hubby acts like Valentine’s Day is the same old, same old?  It’s hard not to feel just a bit disappointed.  So, will you be going all out this February 14th?  Or will it be just another day at the office (i.e., home)?  Heather Armstrong of Dooce asks, “How important is Valentine’s Day to you?”

What will you be doing this St. Valentine’s Day?  Are you planning a big celebration?  Are you having a quieter holiday?  Or are you ignoring V-Day all together? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW.