“Why I Quit Breastfeeding”

Why I stopped breastfeeding: Pain

Caroline Cheshire, a mom of three, quit feeding her first daughter because of pain. “It was always a struggle getting [my daughter] in the right position and in a few days my nipples were cracked and bleeding. I slathered on nipple creams. I dried my nipples with a hairdryer. I did everything I was directed to do. All my clothes were stained orange. It became so bad that when she cried to be fed, I broke out in a sweat. At the very worst time, I would hold onto the chair with both hands and my husband with hold her on me. The pain was incredible.” Despite advice from a lactation consultant, Cheshire gave up. When her second child came along, Cheshire tried again and had better luck. When she later gave birth to twins, she was able to breastfeed them both, until she had to quit because of a precancerous thyroid. Said Caroline, “It’s like everything in life. You can only do your best. And never compare yourself to others.”