“Why I Quit Breastfeeding”

Why I stopped breastfeeding: Frustration

Jill Berry wanted to breastfeed her baby. She notes, “I took the Lamaze class. I assumed I would breastfeed. After a lengthy labor and a difficult recovery from a C-section, the last thing I was able to do was maneuver a baby for breastfeeding. I could barely sit up in bed let alone, switch positions while feeding my infant daughter. Add in two inverted nipples that no amount of pumping could de-invert. Throw in a poor sucking reflex for the baby. And it was a hot mess.” Berry did her best to pump and breastfeed, but the frustration combined with the pressure of going back to work in four week was a lot to bear. She sought help from a lactation consultant, but was still frustrated. “I quit breastfeeding at the end of my daughter’s 3rd week. Her first bottle? She downed [it] in about 3 seconds flat. The poor little thing was hungry.”