Would You Taste Your Own Breast Milk?

taste_your_own_breast_milk.jpgHave you ever wondered what breast milk tastes like? Or do you have zero interest in finding out? We asked new moms whether they ever tasted or would taste their own milk, and the results were pretty split!

Of course!

“I have tasted it...I made it it's mine and I've tasted everything I fed my babies.” –Ebony L.

“I tasted it and so did my husband!” –Jamie G.

“It's ten times better than formula. Sweeter too.” –Amanda M.

I’m on the fence

“I have, not by choice. Glad the spraying days are over. But as a rule of thumb, I do taste everything I give my baby.” –Shandi M.

“Absolutely I would have if I hadn't made such precious little that my sweet baby got every single drop!” –Mary C.

“I thought about it, well four more months left till I taste it.” –Raymonde O.

No way!

“I have not and will not.” –Destiny G.

“No never thought to.” –Ashley R.

“Noo, raised 3 kids, never did.” –Albina P.

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