Your Mother's Day Wishes

We asked you what you REALLY wanted for Mother’s Day, and you told us! Dads, daughters, sons…take note!

-I would love to sleep in while my husband gets up with our daughter, gets her fed and dressed for the day. I would love to get ready at my own pace and spend the day with my family traveling around Wisconsin. We could stop at the spa for a quick massage, go to the zoo and have a picnic somewhere. As long as I get to spend time with my family, Mother’s Day will be perfect! - Mindy

-Just to be able to celebrate it! I’ve waited 7 years to be a mom. - Bobbie

-A prenatal message! - Vanelia

-I would really love to have a mini-vacation in Hawaii with my husband and my son. I would love to show our son where his parents got married almost 5 years ago. - Anita

-I would really like to have a shopping day, I haven’t bought any new clothes since I had my son. - Bertha

-Paid family leave, affordable child care, and well, sustainable funded public education. Before May 8th! - Lisa

-The winning lottery numbers. No seriously! - Amy

-I want my Honda Odyssey detailed down to the carpets! I have juice stains and Cheerios in every crevice and finger prints on every window. - Veronica

-I would love a cleaning person once a month for a year!! - Megan

-A month of home cooked meals from my husband… or anyone for that matter! -Julane

-A piece of jewelry to remember my son by. -Ashley

-A necklace that says ‘Mom.’- Rebecca

-The weekend off!!! I mean, really, really off!! Off duty from diapers, cleaning, cooking, laundry, picking up, dropping off, choosing outfits, baths, bottles, all of it except the sweet, sweet hugs and kisses! :) - Renee

-All I want is for my son to not have any medical issues due to his premature birth. - Brenda

-I would really love to have a fantastic meal with my grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter so we can have 4 generations of family in a room at once. And get a nice photo of the 4 of us to hang and be able to remember my grandmother. She’s 81, I’m worried my daughter will never get to know what a wonderful person my grandmother is! - Aeyla

-A new Digital SLR Camera!- Yoly

-A day of NO cell phones, no going anywhere… Just sitting at home with my husband and 10 (almost 11) month-old daughter. She just started walking, and this world is too fast! - Samantha