10 Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy

5. Your Belly Becomes a Hand Magnet

After your stomach protrudes noticeably with pregnancy, you’re likely to find suddenly everyone presumes touching it is okay - not only your friends, family members, and the people you work with, but also the mailman, the cashier at the supermarket, and other people you’ve never even met. Although some women appreciate the extra attention, many find it an invasion of privacy. You can either grin and bear it or discover how to say, “Hey, hands off!”

6. Hemorrhoids Are a Royal Pain in the Butt

Your best friend may say she’s told you everything about her own pregnancy. But has she remembered her hemorrhoids? Believe us, hemorrhoids happen pretty often, and when they do, you’re in for some very noticeable pain and discomfort. Hemorrhoids are dilated veins near the rectum that become engorged because of the pressure on that part of the body or because of pushing during delivery. Some women notice hemorrhoids during pregnancy, others don’t have any problem with them until after delivery, and some very lucky women never have them at all.

If your hemorrhoids are significant, be prepared for some discomfort after vaginal delivery. Most hemorrhoids go away within a few weeks. If you’re fortunate enough not to have them, realize how lucky you are - and have sympathy for all the other new mothers who do have them.