10 Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy

7. Sometimes Women Poop While Pushing

Our patients frequently ask us about having a bowel movement during labor, so although it may not be the most genteel subject to bring up, we’re going to anyway. Pooping while pushing doesn’t happen every time; however, it’s fairly common. In all likelihood, you and your partner aren’t even aware of it happening because your nurse quickly wipes away any mess and keeps you clean throughout the pushing process. If it does happen, don’t give it a thought. No one, including your doctor or your partner, is going to be grossed out.

8. The Weight Stays On after the Baby Comes Out

Most women can’t wait to weigh themselves after delivering 10 pounds or so of baby, placenta, and fluid. Contain yourself. Wait at least a week. After delivery, many women swell up like dumplings, especially their hands and feet. This extra water retention adds pounds. If you step on the scale right away, you may be very disappointed at the number that comes up. The swelling generally takes about a week or two to go away.