5 Morning Sickness Remedies

By Lyz Lenz

I started off my pregnancy feeling great. I kept up my vigorous running routine and my demanding schedule without even suffering a little bit of exhaustion. But then week nine hit and found me in the middle of my morning run, vomiting on my neighbor’s lawn.  And so it began. I threw up everywhere. In the car in traffic. At a fundraising banquet. When I was supposed to be in meetings. You get the picture.

While my erroneously titled morning sickness (it happens all the time) wasn’t bad enough for hospitalization, I did get a prescription for an anti-nausea medicine. The only problem was that the side effect of the medicine was headaches. Headaches so bad I wanted to throw up. So, I tried some home remedies and they got me through the worst of the morning sickness, or at least helped me rally until the exhaustion of the second trimester kicked in.

If your morning sickness is so bad that you can’t keep anything down, call your doctor, and keep you and your precious cargo safe. But if your morning sickness is less severe, here are five tried and true home remedies for morning sickness that are safe for both you and your baby.

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