Everything You Need For A Nursery

By Elizabeth Parker

Creating a nursery for your new baby can be one of the most fun and satisfying nesting experiences for a mom-to-be. And that’s true now more than ever because of the wide variety of styles and colors available in furniture and fabrics. If you’re staring at an empty room and don’t know where to begin, we’ll help you get started.

Let Yourself Dream a Little

Start looking through magazines for photos of rooms with colors you love that create the style and mood you’re imagining in your nursery. Do you want a cozy country look, a clean, fresh modern style, a fun, colorful space? “Look for ideas that make you feel good and happy,” says Leslie Sachs, a Los Angeles interior designer and owner of Breathing Room Designs, a design and decorating firm. Cut out the photos and keep them in a folder so you can refer to them. Visit furniture stores and pore through catalogs to get to know all the styles out there. At the same time, be sure your dream can fit with the room itself by taking some measurements.

“To really understand the space you’ll be working with, draw a floor plan,” says Sachs. “Get out the tape measure and write down the lengths of the walls, and draw a similar shape on a large piece of paper with the dimensions noted.” To indicate solid walls, draw solid lines; for doorways and windows, make the lines broken. Then start penciling in your must-have pieces.

Must-have pieces:
» Crib
» Nursing chair
» Changing table
» Storage containers
» Dresser
» Rug