Exercise and Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Is exercise safe for all pregnant women?
No. Women who should not exercise while pregnant include those who have:

-Heart disease that compromises blood flow

-Restrictive lung disease

-Preterm labor in the current pregnancy

-Incompetent cervix, a defect of the cervix that results in early pregnancy loss or premature delivery

-Multiple gestation (twins, triplets or more), which increases the risk for preterm labor

-Persistent vaginal bleeding in the second or third trimester

-Ruptured membranes (bag of waters)

-Preeclampsia, a pregnancy-related form of high blood pressure

-Placenta previa, a low-lying placenta that covers part or all of the opening of the cervix during the third trimester

Women with a history of medical problems (such as severe anemia or poorly controlled high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease or seizure disorder) should exercise only with the approval of their health care provider. Pregnant women who are obese or extremely underweight should seek medical approval before starting an exercise routine.