Gender Reveal Party Ideas

By Nicole Pelletiere

Finding out whether you’re having a girl or boy is one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy. And lately, many moms and dads are making it even more great by doing so with fun gender reveal party ideas.

“I had two gender reveals for each of my last two babies, and it was so exciting finding out with our guests! We even videotaped the big reveal so my girls can watch when they’re older,” says Dana Zagame, mom to Ethan, 11 years,  Ashlee, 1 year, and Holland, 2 weeks.

If you’re toying with the idea of making your gender reveal a friends-and-family affair, here’s some adorable, inexpensive gender reveal party ideas that’ll probably make you want to schedule a date on your calendar.

Pick a cute theme

It’s not a party without a theme, right? We love the idea of a ‘Beau or Bow’ bash, where the décor and food is decorated with mustaches and bows. LaLunaDesigns,, above even has a cute printable invite to set the idea in motion. ($13,


Get guests guessing

Get friends and fam involved in the fun with a gender prediction poster. We love this example, above, from BelliesBaby+Beyond. “I made one that listed my symptoms and food cravings, plus whether they were associated with having a boy or girl based on old wives tales,” says Dana. Once they review the info on the poster, your guests can wear blue or pink beads to show whether they think it’ll be a boy or girl. (Some moms and dads even ask guests to show up wearing blue or pink!)


Decide on the big reveal

There’s probably as many ways to go about the big reveal as there are babies being born this year (meaning, a lot!). Here’s a few we think are just great:

Balloon Release Decorate the front of a packaging box with stencils and paint. Then, ask your doc to write on a piece of paper if your baby is a boy or girl. Pass along to a close friend or family member to fill the reveal box with blue or pink balloons. Gather your party guests while you and you hubby open up the box to reveal you baby’s gender. This makes for an awesome photo op, as evidenced by Snickerplum’s Party Blog.


Cut the Cake It’s one of the simplest ways of revealing your baby’s gender (that also happens to be delicious), which is probably why this method is so popular. Ask your doctor for an envelope with the top secret info (just like with the balloon release), but this time, hand it to your baker. Tell him you’d like the inside filling to be pink or blue based on your baby’s gender. The idea is that no one will know until you cut open the cake at the party. Check out Mary Ellen’s cake, above, from Mama Say What?!.


Silly String Fight MeetMissJones wanted a little more goofiness for her big reveal, so she bought five blue and five pink cans of silly string. A family member opened the envelope revealing the baby’s sex, then gave the parents-to-be the corresponding silly string with the color-indicating caps removed. At the count of three, the couple shot silly string towards each other to reveal that they were having a baby boy. How awesome is that?

What are your gender reveal party ideas? Share them in the comments!

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