Labor Advice for New Dads

 labor advice new dads1Pack smart

Ask any mom-to-be about her hospital bag, and she’ll probably point to the packed suitcase that’s been sitting by the door for weeks before her due date. Still, there’s bound to be stuff she forgets (blame it on the pregnancy brain!), so make sure to bring these items along:

Camera As a new dad, you’ll be taking snapshots of your kid’s milestones for the next 18 years. Don’t forget about the biggest one of all.
Massage lotion or oil Makes quick back or foot rubs for your partner that much more soothing.
Family photos and a mirror Both work as focal distractions to help moms-to-be cope with labor pain.
Notepad and pen Helpful for recording contractions—both the time that they start and how long they’re lasting.
Baby car seat No brainer, but it’s smart to install this before you head to the hospital to make the first journey home smoother.
iPod dock or CD player Music therapy’s another tool for dealing with labor pains.
Important documents Picture IDs, insurance card, and any important hospital paperwork are a must.
A pillow, for you You’ll likely be spending the night at the hospital. Might as well be comfy!

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