Late Pregnancy Symptoms: Staying Comfortable in the Third Trimester

late pregnancy symptomsLate pregnancy symptom #2: Tossing and turning

It’s no secret that when your baby can’t sleep, neither can you—which is why you want to catch as many Zzzz’s as you can before he arrives. That can be tough, though, during your third trimester: For one, your uterus is also pushing down on your bladder, making for more middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. Also, the baby is moving around a lot, and you’ll feel it most when you’re in bed, lying still, Rosser says.

Try relieving some of the pressure naturally by using the bathroom right before going to sleep. And if his little foot pressing up against your abdomen at 2 A.M. is making you uncomfortable, try getting up and walking around. Once you’re moving, chances are your little one will change positions and you’ll feel more comfortable.