Late Pregnancy Symptoms: Staying Comfortable in the Third Trimester

late pregnancy symptomLate pregnancy symptom #4: Back pain

Your growing belly can change the curvature of your spine and affect your posture, resulting in a potentially wobbly sense of balance and back pain. Ease the strain by not standing for long periods of time (it causes swelling) and getting a prenatal massage, which reduce muscle tensions and stress and improves circulation. If you work at a desk, bring extra cushions for your office chair and keep your feet propped up on a stack of books, Rosser says. At night, sleep with a pillow between your legs to support your lower back. Instead of a large body pillow, Rosser recommends opting for a smaller maternity pillow, which will be easier to maneauver at night. One to try: The Boppy Cuddle Pillow, $46 at And if you’re having a summer pregnancy, try swimming: It can reduce pregnancy-related back pain and swelling.