Mom to Give Birth…On the Internet


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Some mom bloggers are worried about privacy issues when it comes to their family life.  Pssh, amateurs.  Lynsee, 23, is planning on giving birth live on the internet.  Yep, everyone from squeamish teenage girls to pervy old men can see her child enter the world.  Is nothing sacred?  I mean, really, is nothing private anymore?!

Apparently, it is a publicity ploy for the site Moms Like Me, and the Web site’s members will be able to comment during the birth.  Great, nothing like seeing, “Nice vag!” and “Puuuuuuush!” after you’ve spent hours in labor.  Classy.  The site does claim that no “graphic details” will be shown.  But we all know how live TV goes.  It’s a precarious situation, to say the least.  But while most moms on the site were against an audience for their own deliveries, most were interested in watching (duh):

About 60 percent of moms said that they do not want anyone besides their significant other in the delivery room but, in another poll, the same percentage responded that they would be interested in watching a broadcast of a live birth. “You never know when you start projects like this, how they’re going to go,” Chapman says. “The response has been overwhelming, very supportive, very positive for Lynsee.”

To me, though, it seems like this is reality TV gone one step further…

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