Planning Your Babymoon

By Kerri Geringswald

Babymoon. The term has only been around since 2006, but it has taken the expectant mom world by storm! Still not sure what it is?  Think of it as a second honeymoon for expectant parents, or a first one if you never had one (except this time, both of you might be a little rounder.) It’s a chance for a couple to go away and bond, relax, romance and SLEEP. After all, once the little one arrives neither one of you will be doing very much of that! And remember, it’s not just exclusive to couples. Lots of women choose to bring their moms or girlfriends, instead!

Like the idea? Before you start planning your babymoon, use this helpful tips to help you decide where and what to do. Then, read over our picks for great Babymoon destinations.


1. When deciding where to go, consider how much travel time you are willing to commit to, and how many days you’ll be able to take off. The shorter the trip, the closer you should stay to home.

2. Want to go overseas? Make sure you have an OK from your doctor. 

3. You’re pregnant, which means sometimes you’re hot, sometimes your cold! Consider what temperature you want to spend your vacation days in.

4. If you want to go to a “walking” city (IE: the Big Apple), consider how much your poor, swollen, feet can accommodate, and make your plans accordingly.

5. Take a copy of your medical records along, and make sure you know where the closest (and best) hospital is if you’re leaving your state.

6. Always have the number of your doctor on handy in case of emergency.

7. Ask your doctor if there are any travel precautions you need to be aware of (IE: Are massages okay? Is a dip in the sauna a no-no? Should you only drink bottled water?)

8. Make sure to invest in travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance in case the big day interrupts your travel plans. 

9. If you do decide to travel overseas, make sure your health insurance covers you out of the country.

10. Are you battling morning sickness? A boat ride might sound fun now, but think about how your pregnancy symptoms will affect your vacation destination or activities.


Going out of town out of the question? There’s no reason you can’t have a Babymoon at home! Schedule what days you want to take off, then prepare to relax. Need help? To prep for your babymoon at home, pick up the following relaxation helpers:

-Flowers for throughout your house
-New, hotel-quality sheets
-A fluffy robe and slippers
-Your favorite decadent treats
-An at-home spa kit, including masks, scrubs, lotions, and candles.
-Rent several of your favorite movies.
-Turn off your blackberry, iPhone, and NO E-MAILS.
-SLEEP (that’s free!)