Pre-Natal Bonding

Marilee Hartling has several tips of her own:

Talk to the baby. Say goodnight before you go to bed, good morning when you wake up, and talk to it throughout the day. “Newborns know their mom’s voice after birth,” she says. “That’s the voice they will turn to.”

Feel the baby. Place your hands on your abdomen and rest your hands quietly, feeling the baby kick, or gently massaging the baby. You can even play games with the baby, says Hartling. Press lightly on your abdomen and you’ll feel the baby kick back, she says.

On a more serious note, Hartling says that at Cedars-Sinai, more attention is being paid to moms who are suffering from depression or have suffered from postpartum depression in the past (if you have, you’re more likely to experience it again). In these cases, medication may be prescribed for the pregnant mom, says Hartling, because it’s difficult to bond with your baby when you’re depressed.