Preparing Your Pet for the New Baby

preparing your pet for the new babyBy Dana Klosner-Wehner

You and your partner do everything you can to prepare for the arrival of your infant. But what about your pets? Up until now they’ve been the center of your world, and by planning ahead, you can make the transition from to humans to three a smooth one for your dog or cat. Here’s how to prepare your pet for the new baby.

First, know that things will be inevitably be different. “Your animal won’t get as much one on one time with you,” says Bonnie Beaver, a professor and animal behavior expert at Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and author of Canine Behavior Insights and Answers and Feline Behavior. “You must scale back the time you spend with your pet, but not too suddenly, because then he will become stressed,” she says.

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