Study Finds Chemo Is Safe In Second Trimester

Perkins said that this is good news for those women who find themselves in a situation similar to Sanchez’s.

“The overall outcome of the newborn child, as well as the mother, can be taken into account [during treatment],” he said.

‘Minimal Harm to Baby’ From Chemo Later in Pregnancy

Dr. Eva Singletary, associate director of M.D. Anderson’s Nellie B. Connally Breast Center, said in an interview with ABC News’ OnCall+ Breast Cancer resource site that it is true that women who are further along in their pregnancies can take advantage of chemotherapy.

“In the second and third trimester, we can use chemotherapy very successfully with minimal harm to the baby,” Singletary said.

But, she added, if a woman already has a breast cancer diagnosis, it is still wise for her to avoid getting pregnant because of how it could possibly complicate treatment.