20 Things to Do With Chocolate


From Our Friends at GoodBite.com

So, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, thus we’ve got chocolate on our minds. Dark, milk, white, we don’t discriminate. So, in spirit of the chocolate holiday of the year, here are some ways to play:

1. Bake a chocolate souffle.
2. Melt a chocolate bar down to make chocolate sauce for an ice cream sundae.
3. Cook mole with chocolate.
4. Lure someone to divulge a big secret in exchange for some chocolate.
5. Fry some bacon and mix into melted chocolate and chill for your own bacon bar.
6. Have a glass of red wine with a side of dark chocolate.
7. Add a piece of chocolate to your morning coffee and make it a mochachino.
8. Make chocolate truffles.
9. Bake chocolate chip cookies.
10. Leave a piece on your desk and see how long you can go without eating it.

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