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Chamomile-Mustard Seed Footbath
Provided by surgeon-turned luxury shoe designer, Taryn Rose

“Chamomile is a calming essential oil,” says Rose, “and can also reduce swelling in sore feet. The warm water and mustard seed create a heating quality which may help to relieve headaches as well as comfort the feet.”

Hot water
Freshly ground mustard seed
Chamomile oil
Chamomile flowers

Fill basin (large enough to comfortably house both of your feet) with comfortably hot water. Add one teaspoon of freshly ground mustard seed for every gallon of warm water. Add three to four drops of chamomile oil for every half-gallon of water. Place a few fresh chamomile flowers in the basin and swirl the water with your hand to blend the mixture.

Put your feet in the bath and wrap a thick towel over the basin (to retain the heat). Soak for about 20 minutes. Remove your feet from the footbath and, with upward strokes, massage them with your favorite lotion infused with a few drops of chamomile oil.