Cloud B Twilight Turtle Tunes

cloud b twilight turtle tunesA cuddly sleep companion that projects the night sky, Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 is the first Cloud b character to feature wireless Bluetooth technology. Utilizing a new free Twilight Turtle Tunes app provided by Cloud b, parents can choose from a pre-set library of melodies and sounds that can be combined to create a customized mix to play wirelessly via Twilight Turtle Tunes’ speaker. Here’s what our Resident Moms had to say about this nighttime pal.

My child loved it!

“My daughter really loves this. When she first got it she wanted to have it all the time. We thought its new, and we'll see how much she still likes it after Christmas and she has other new toys to choose from. Well, it's no longer an all day thing but she will no longer go to bed without a fight unless she can have it on the bed.” –Lai Y.

“My son initially told me to turn it off and then the next night he took it out if his room and put it in his brother's room. We are trying it again and he seems to be liking it with just the light. Will reintroduce the sound once he is used to the light.” –Theresa C.

“My son loves it!! We had been having some trouble getting him to go to sleep and this turtle definitely seems to have helped getting him to fall asleep faster. He loves looking at the stars and moon (especially the moon). The music is also nice, and very soothing.” –Lisa W.

It had great features that I loved, too.

“Really liked that it’s rechargeable and doesn’t run on batteries. If I could buy two more for the other kids, I would.” –Susan P.

“We used the Bluetooth technology and continue to do so every night. I have programmed several mixes utilizing the free app on my Android. I like how I can emphasize certain aspects of the music/lullaby, for instance I add more cricket sound to the mixes that I have created. I may download the paid version of the app too, since I like the idea that I could prerecord a song of my own for my son to listen to.” –Lisa W.

“I love it in the car when the kids are sleeping.  We normally use a white noise machine at home, so the ability to travel with the same noise is great and makes it easier for the kids to sleep and stay asleep on our late night drives home from Mammoth Lakes.” –Michelle D.

I’d recommend it to a friend!

“Yes, I would buy the twilight turtle for a gift. or recommend it to friends this is a great product and makes a great gift!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!” –Susan P.

“I would recommend it to new moms, as a way to establish a loving, soothing bedtime.  It is also great in that it can be taken with you when traveling and so would help babies and children adapt to their new environment to have a piece of home with them.” –Michelle D.

“I’d recommend it to a friend, yes, because it's so easy to use and my daughter loves it so much.” –Lai Y.