Medela Freestyle

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Resident Mom Nicky

Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Breast Pump
Price: $339.95
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Mom Says:

This is my second baby…so it’s the second time I’ve had to start the breastfeeding/pumping cycle. With my first baby several years ago, I used a breast pump that shall remain unnamed. That breast pump was so large, it felt like I was wearing a backpack to the moon!

Upon receiving the Medela Freestyle, I was instantly shocked at how small it was. It can literally fit into my purse. That automatically gave it a point. Once I was ready to use it, I settled into my bedroom and broke out the instructions.

Okay…that part was a little confusing. I’m terrible at directions, but I DID manage to get through it. I have to say assembling/understanding how to use the hands-free parts was difficult at first, but after two tries I had it down and was walking around the house and even unloaded/loaded the dishwasher. (A real feat!).

The one thing I didn’t like was that I had to wear a nursing bra with it (you’re supposed to). I don’t always wear one, but my friend has one of these pumps and said it works great if she just tucks the cups under her regular bra. If you’re using this for the first time, be sure to charge it a full 24 hours, too. I didn’t and it wasn’t as powerful as it could have been. At first I thought it was just the pump, but after charging the batteries (they’re rechargeable) it took less time and actually pumped way more than my old one, which was pretty powerful. Bonus point: It displays a timer to tell you how long you’ve been pumping. 

Hands-down (and hands-free! hee) this pump is light-years better than anything I’ve used before.

Pros:  Super small. Light.
Cons: The hands-free parts can get confusing. Pricey (but worth it).

Mom Rating: A+