Mom Review: Britax Boulevard CS

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Resident Mom Beth

Product: Britax Boulevard CS car seat
Ages: The Britax Boulevard CS® fits children rear-facing from five to 35 pounds and children forward- facing from at least one-year-old and 20 pounds, up to 65 pounds.

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Mom Says: I actually registered for another car seat, but my sister (who has 2 kids) told me she loved her old Britax, and that I should try this new one. And…she was right! (she always is). I love it!

As a new mom, I’ve never tried any other car seats, so I can’t relate to my sister’s complaints about her old car seat and how it was hard to know if the harness was tight enough. The Boulevard has a “Click and Safe™” technology, where a “click click” sounds lets you know that your child is safe and snug in the seat…and will stay that way.

This seat also offers more head protection than other seats I had previously looked at. The “True Side Impact Protection™ ” offers extra protection from side impact crashes…which are the most dangerous kind of collisions, according to the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

As far as installation, my husband installed it in 2 minutes. We took it to a car seat inspection site the next day and everything checked out A-OK…so clearly it’s EXTREMELY easy to install.

Aside from feeling secure that my son is protected in his car seat (and I’m not left wondering if he’s in there correctly!), I can use this through his toddler years, which saves me $$ (I’ll buy a new purse when he’s 1. Ha.)

Pros: Safe, Easy to install, Fool-proof
Cons: Pricey, Heavy

Mom Rating: A+