Resident Mom Review: JJ Cole Diaper Bag

Reviewed By: Resident Mom Johnina Product: JJ Cole Mode Diaper Bag Price: $59.95 Buy It Here Mom Says: The mode bag is more than just a diaper bag. I would carry this bag even if I didn’t have a baby! In fact, there is no way this bag will ever make its way to the back of my closet! Shopping with my son, let alone my other two, can be quite stressful. I constantly have to dig through the diaper bag for something, which is usually stuffed at the bottom of the stroller with shopping bags. With this bag's easy removable stroller straps you can attach the bag right to the handles of the stroller. I can’t tell you how convenient it is to quickly access what I need. (Especially when one of kids are screaming!) Personally, I carry everything with me but the kitchen sink. One of my favorite things about this bag is all of its pockets. There are six on the outside, and they are deep and secure with buttons and zippers. Then the inside even has different compartments for organizing everything. For once I have been able to pack a bag full and conveniently find everything. The best part is no matter how much stuff you shove inside (believe me, it can hold a lot), the bag doesn’t feel bulky when you carry it. Pros: Durable, PVC free, easy to clean fabric, lots of organizing pockets and attachments. Cons: None Mom Rating: A+ INTERESTED IN BEING A RESIDENT MOM AND REVIEWING PRODUCTS (AND KEEPING THEM?!) CLICK HERE.