Resident Mom Review: Mustela Newborn Set

Reviewed By: Resident Mom Misty Product: Mustela Newborn Set Price: $37.50 Buy It Here Mom Says: I received and tested the Mustela Newborn Set, which included several bath and body products, as well as a bonus infant brush/comb set. The product arrived handsomely packaged in a vinyl tote containing a foam shampoo for newborns (to help prevent and make cradle cap disappear), a gel cleanser, a hydrating body lotion (to leave baby's skin soft, smooth, and protected), a vitamin barrier diaper cream (to help prevent early signs of diaper rash and help reduce irritation), and my favorite - a one-step, soap-free, rinse-free gentle cleanser. Each product is specially formulated for baby's skin, so there is no worry of irritation or skin reaction. I was particularly fond of the light, pleasant scent each product had. In fact, even my husband commented on how he liked the clean, fresh smell. My two-month-old daughter enjoyed bath time before, but she's really enjoyed the extra pampering! The foaming shampoo has gotten rid of the little bit of flaky skin Karolena had on top of her little head, the gel cleanser and the body lotion have made her skin even more soft (if that's possible!), and the one-step cleanser is perfect for quick cat baths on the go - just apply to baby's skin, air dry, and go! I definitely plan on purchasing Mustela products in the future, and can see why they are the #1 infant/toddler care brand in Europe! Pros: Pleasant scent, feels fantastic on the skin, makes skin super soft and clean; would make an excellent gift for your little one or someone else's. Cons: Some of the Mustela products are a little pricey for consumers on a budget (worth the money though!). Mom Rating: A+ INTERESTED IN BEING A RESIDENT MOM AND REVIEWING PRODUCTS (AND KEEPING THEM?!) CLICK HERE.