Free Ways to Entertain Your Tot

Pack a picnic lunch or dinner from your pantry - this fulfills two parenting obligations: feeding your child (which is already an adventure for most of us) and getting outside.  You can even have your picnic meal at your own home.  This change of pace can be exciting for kids.  And hey, you just may coerce them to eat their veggies!

Print out free coloring and activity sheets - there are a myriad of sites offering up free activities for kids.  This is also a great way to give kids something new to do, if they have tired of their current collection of coloring and activity books.  Free items can be found HERE and HERE and HERE!

Cook with your child - again, this fulfills a household obligation, however, inviting kids into the kitchen is quite a bit of fun.  Select tasks and recipes that they can easily help with - something that will frustrate them is not a good choice; this may deter them from the kitchen.  Ideas for cooking with kids can be found by visiting the link Cooking with your Toddler as well as FamilyFun Magazine’s Cooking with Kids section.

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